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Financial Support

Losing someone can cause a lot of financial stress if nothing is in place to cover the costs.

When it comes to arranging a funeral nobody wants to have to phone around asking for prices, but you would be surprised at the difference in cost between the various funeral services in and around York. 

The DWP have some help available, you can read more and make an application here https://www.gov.uk/funeral-payments

There are various finance companies who specialise in funeral costs, however the interest rates are often high. The most cost effective way will always be to opt for a low interest loan or interest free credit card if your credit rating can support one. 

You can search through the best rates available on a comparison website such as https://www.moneysupermarket.com/loans/personal-loans/

If none of these options are suitable honestly is always the best policy. Speak to us and we can look in to the best option for you and your family.

Dealing With Grief

Grief can be all consuming and painfully lonely. But you are not alone.

Help is out there with many charities, social media groups, helplines and group support meetings. Speak to your funeral director or local Cruse Bereavement Care team for more information on your local area.


You can also call St Leonard's Hospice bereavement support line on 01904 777772

If you're not comfortable making initial contact with a stranger please call your funeral director who will be able to help.

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Support Groups

Let's Talk

A lot of the fear around death and dying comes from the unknown. So often I hear "I know this is a really stupid question", or "I know that was a silly thing to say"... trust me, we've heard them all.

Unsure what happens with the ashes of a loved one? Is the coffin cremated too? What is embalming? 

If it's playing on your mind, just ask! It may help you to process how you're feeling or any concerns you have around death, dying, bereavement and funerals.