What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan gives security against rising funeral costs and peace of mind for those left behind when it comes to arranging a funeral.

In the last 10 years funeral plan sales have risen by over 300% from 67,519 people choosing to pay for their funeral in advance in 2007 to 207,700 in 2017*


Here at Darley Funeral Directors we offer various pre-paid options starting at £2900** for a Simple Cremation Service Plan with interest free payment available for up to 24 months. This includes a £1400.00 contribution to third party costs, more information on how this works can be found below.

I have chosen to offer our plans through Safe Hands Funeral Plans, a trusted external company which is regulated and licensed by the Funeral Planning Authority to give you the assurance that your money is safe. The main reason I have chosen to work with them is that they allow us the flexibility to use our own pricing structure, known as a "Funeral Director Choice Plan", rather than some plan providers that prefer you to use their own set prices which could be higher than the amount we would charge for a funeral.

If you would like to ask any questions or for a free quote with no obligation please call us on 01904 622746, email reception@darleyfunerals.co.uk or call in to the funeral home.

*Information taken from the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) website as of August 2018.

**We are completely honest and open about what our plans do and don't include.


Being a small independent business, we can't guarantee to cover all external costs like some of the larger funeral companies can, but what does make us unique is that we promise that any excess in your plan at the time of need will be refunded to your family or can be used towards something else such as flowers or catering.


We will keep you fully informed if prices do rise above the amount that you have contributed, to give you the opportunity to invest some more in to your plan if you would like to. If you chose not to do this then the shortfall would be invoiced at the time of the funeral but you would always know what that amount would be.

We currently suggest a £1400.00 contribution for a Simple cremation taking place in York, this can be altered to suit your budget and preferences.

**Please always contact a funeral director first and foremost, and not a plan company direct, The fees often hidden by an agency are £1000-1500! They do this by charging an excessive amount to their client, and then asking funeral directors to take care of the funeral at a heavily reduced cost.

In York ourselves; Darley Funeral Directors, Rowley & Sons Family Funeral Directors York, Hayley Owen Independent Funeral Director, JG Fielders & Sons, Rymers Funeral Directors (owned by Dignity Group) or Co-op Funeralcare are all able to give honest advice on plans without the hidden fees that are incurred via a pre payment company.

We understand that there is a lot to take in here, so please call us with any questions that you have or to discuss a personalised quote.

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