What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan gives security against rising funeral costs and peace of mind for those left behind when it comes to arranging a funeral.


Here at Darley Funeral Directors we offer various pre-paid options starting at £3025** for a Simple Cremation Service Plan.

We are currently reviewing our funeral plan provider in line with the new FCA regulations, this information will be updated soon.

Any of our funeral options can be purchased as a pre paid funeral plan. Charged at prices set by us with no commissions or sales agents to pay for. The only additional charge when taking out the plan is a set up fee paid to our trusted funeral plan provider. This fee ensures your money is placed in an independent trust, giving you security and peace of mind that should anything happen to us your money will be safe.

We take no payment until the plan is required for a funeral; no commissions & no admin fees.

An important point to note with independent sales agents receiving up to £800 in commission per plan!


As with most funeral plans supplied by independent funeral directors, our professional fees are guaranteed meaning that there will be no more to pay when the plan is needed. However, this does not apply to “third party payments”, such as crematorium or cemetery fees, church fees, doctors fees or any service supplied by anyone other than ourselves. This helps us to keep prices reasonable and ensures that you won’t be paying excessive amounts to allow for inflation that you may never benefit from.


A “third party contribution” is made when purchasing a plan, this rises in line with the CPI index, but is not always guaranteed to cover all of the costs at the time of need. Most families choose to add an additional contribution to the plan to allow for inflation. Should there be excess in the plan at the time of need this amount can be used towards additional services such a flowers, press notices, catering etc, or can be refunded to our client. Please call us for more information.


Example breakdown based on the Attended Cremation. 

Our Fees £1600.00 (Guaranteed)

Third Party Contribution £1200.00 (Subject to inflation)

Set up fee - £225

Total £3025


Optional Additional Contribution £200.00

Total £3225

**Please always contact a funeral director first and foremost, and not a plan company direct. The fees often hidden by an agency are £1000-1500! They do this by charging an excessive amount to their client and asking funeral directors to take care of the funeral at a reduced cost.

In York ourselves; Darley Funeral Directors, Rowley & Sons Family Funeral Directors York, JG Fielders & Sons, Rymers Funeral Directors (owned by Dignity Group), Hayley Owen Funeral Director or Co-op Funeralcare are all able to give honest advice on plans without the hidden fees that are incurred via a pre payment company.

We understand that there is a lot to take in here, so please call us with any questions that you have or to discuss a personalised quote.