Fully Inclusive Funeral Options

All of our prices include the necessary disbursements for a local cremation, so it's clear for you to see which option best suits your needs.

Please see below for local cemetery fees.

Simple Cremation Service


A Simple option for those who wanted "no fuss"

Myself and the funeral team would meet you at the crematorium at a date and time chosen by us.


This option includes all of our Professional Services, bringing your loved one in to our care at any time of day or night, a simple wood effect coffin, care and preparation required to ensure they are looking their best for any visiting family members (during office hours only), the use of a private chapel of rest, a hearse and the necessary bearers required for the day of the funeral.

Our Simple Cremation service includes the cremation fee, doctors fees* and a minister or celebrant to take the service.


Bespoke Funeral Service

Our Bespoke Funeral Service is tailored to your requirements. If you would like to choose the day, request a time of day for the funeral or leave from an address with the option of following limousines to return you to your chosen venue following the committal service.

This option includes everything within the Simple Cremation Service, with the additional option of burial, visits to the chapel of rest out of office hours, the option to have a service before the committal in a church or venue and an Oak veneered coffin.

Our Bespoke Funeral Service includes the cremation fee, doctors fees*, and a minister or celebrant to take the service on the day.

Although our fees will not change, due to the variation in local cemetery costs we are unable to guarantee this price for a burial. Please call us on 01904 622746 or email reception@darleyfunerals.co.uk for a detailed quote.


Unattended Cremation Service

Recently made more popular following the funeral of David Bowie, the Unattended Cremation Service is an option for those who do not want a funeral ceremony, or prefer to have a memorial service with the ashes instead.

This options includes everything required for a cremation to take place, the care of your loved one is not compromised in any way. A simple coffin is provided and the cremation will take place at a crematorium of our choice, using a suitable vehicle. You will be informed the date of the event but will not have the option to attend the funeral.

Unlike some funeral service providers, we will never stop anyone visiting their loved one, so use of our private chapel of rest during office hours is also included. 

All third party fees are included in this price.


*Where doctors fees are not required, £82.00 will be deducted from the total cost.


The prices shown below are currently reduced but will vary due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please call us for more information.

Additional Services

Additional Limousines £180

Embalming £100

Horse Drawn Hearse £700

Land Rover Hearse £695

Ashes Caskets from £50

Obituary Notice in The Press £150 (average)

Floral Spray from £45

Floral Casket Spray from £115

Floral Letters (e.g MUM) £40 per letter

Order of Service from £1 per copy



Examples of Third Party Payments

(otherwise known as disbursements)

York Crematorium - £895 (currently reduced to £720)

Ministers Fee* - £199

Non religious celebrant* - £190.00

Doctors cremation paperwork - £164.00 (currently £82)

A new single grave in Huntington Cemetery including the grave preparation (Huntington Residents Only) - £895

A new single grave York in Cemetery including the grave preparation - £1995

A new single grave in Fulford Cemetery including the grave preparation - £1591 for Fulford Residents/ £1622 for York Residents

*These fees can vary depending on the parish or celebrant and do not include a service in church.

Please note that we ask for all third party payments to be paid in advance of the funeral, if this could be a problem please call us to discuss any options available.